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The essential stupidity [Jan. 28th, 2004|11:55 pm]
[mood |lazylazy]
[music |Phil Woods and then Mahavishnu Orchestra]

Observations I have made in the last five years have made me realize the stupidity necessary in everything. Useless stupidity must be a staple of everyone's life, no matter how much of an "intellectual" they see themselves as. I do not think it is possible for a human being (especially Americans, we even take pride in this) to be intelligent in all aspects of their life, for most of the time. For those of us who saw the spectrum series speaker (who was long and boring, but semi-informative), see the stupidity in this new genre of reality TV. I would like to say that I do not watch reality TV shows, but I am ashamed to say that I have stuck around a TV that "happened" to have one of those PoS shows on. I did watch the simple life whenever man-who-likes-crappy-music had it on (By the way, Paris Hilton is hot, but not THAT hot. She probably would be more attractive to me if I had only seen her pictures). And the J-dizzle dawg recently sucked me into watching some crap ass MTV reality show, something about rooms.... Anyways.
More examples of essential stupidity result from the constant bickering of girls (yeah i said it, what you gonna do?), or the need for guys to have some kind of hard physical contact with another (we recently experimented with hall rugby, but decided that soccer was more feasible), or drinking/intoxicating oneself. Why is this necessary? Because, as a general rule, on the most basic level people are very, VERY stupid. Flashes of brilliance occur. I'm sure Einstein did things that were purely moronic. I mean, I even witnessed some awe-inspiring genius (whose name starts with a J and ends with an Ared) on the bottom of a dog-pile (featuring the fatass who listens to crappy music).
Could you think of a world where no one did ANYTHING stupid? Seems pretty boring to me. Maybe that's why Canada sucks. I doubt it, nothing good comes from there. The name, Ca Nada, means NOTHING. (Which brings me to a quote from my Psychology teacher about inbreeding, "If you mate with your brother or close relative, you'll have a Canadian for a child.")
Another thing is, we (any self-titled "intellectual") would not seem very smart without extremely stupid people in the world. I hate to say it, but YOUR intelligence is determined by the person sitting next to you. Either you are smarter or more of a dumb-ass than the guy next door.
I guess the epiphany I have led myself to this evening is that people are stupid, and my bitching about stupid people won't do anything. So what i've decided to do is change my attitude towards them. Instead of wondering why they are so unbelievably moronic, i will just look down my nose at them, and maybe even pretend they aren't there. That might be a little to extreme, and quite a bit too pompous, so instead I will just ignore stupidity. Unless of course it starts affecting me. In which case, I will either counter with my own moronic way or try to be intelligent. No. Never mind the latter. Stupidity it is.
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School [Jan. 24th, 2004|09:53 pm]
USC could be the craziest place in the world. No, scratch that. LA is the strangest (and most disguisting) place in the world. BREATHING makes you sick. To all my friends in the open air, SCREW YOU. Those in New York aren't much better off with air.
But to make up for it, I wear shorts in January and go to the beach, what do you do? Right.
Anyways... Check this out.
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WTF mythology quiz? [Jan. 24th, 2004|09:03 pm]
[music |Mars Volta]

Wierd... quizes... I don't know about this. We shall see

You are Form 5, Dragon: The Weaver.

"And The Dragon seperated the virtuous from
the sinful. He tore his eyes from his sockets
and used them to peer into the souls of those
on trial to make a judgement. He knew that
with endless knowledge came endless

Some examples of the Dragon Form are Athena
(Greek), St. Peter (Christian), and Surya
The Dragon is associated with the concept of
intelligence, the number 5, and the element of
His sign is the crescent moon.

As a member of Form 5, you are an intelligent and
wise individual. You weigh options by looking
at how logical they are and you know that while
there may not always be a right or wrong
choice, there is always a logical one. People
may say you are too indecisive, but it's only
because you want to do what's right. Dragons
are the best friends to have because they're
willing to learn.

Which Mythological Form Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

A dragon.... watch it, i might eat you
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Psych Teacher [Jan. 23rd, 2004|05:14 pm]
My Psychology teacher is crazy

"OK, there are 255 students in this class.... And how many emails are each of you going to send me? NONE. So dont send me any fucking emails. UNLESS you have found a good, reliable source of Primo-Weed."
"You guys are so Shady"
"There was a guy sleeping in my class one day, So I threw an eraser at him. He threw it back. I don't throw erasors any more."
"You've been to England ... eh... You were drunk the whole time.... but YOU'VE been to England." (talking to random students)
"I hear voices out-s... I mean I hear voices all the time... But do you hear these?"
"Well why do you call him mouse? 'cause he gets mad when I call him fuckface." (when asked about his lab partner in college)
"The man who did that movie should be drug out in the street and shot"
(referring to A River Runs through it, and the flood of fisherman afterwords)
"They're like a bunch of tri-delts, they're all exactly the same..." (referring to a colony of inbreeding rats)
"Part of my job isn't just teaching you new stuff, but trashing all of your formal education."
"If you mate with your brother or close relative, you'll have a Canadian for a child." (talking about incest)
"I'm supporting two bartenders, a family, and one mistress, who knows what could happen to me."

(these were taken from TWO lectures)
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Woah... [Jan. 23rd, 2004|05:08 pm]
A journal eh? I figured it was time to get one.
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